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03.26.09 Phenomen Notes

03.26.09 Phenomen Notes - seeing ourselves as the type of...

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3.26.09 Resoluteness; Entschlobenheit 343; “In resoluteness we have now arrived at the truth a=if Dasein which is most primordial because it is authentic .. -selves” In a certain sence on modiifes not just the understanding of oneself and the poissibility of disclousre, Dasein understands itself differently in terms of its being with” “nothing else than being in the world, nothing has changed” What does all this mean, to be an Authentic Dasein it means to sieze to disclose oneself to oneself
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Unformatted text preview: seeing ourselves as the type of entity that can see that we learn to see ourselves in a particular way disclosive to itself or hidden to itself it sees dasein sown losses in the they the they is a structural condition of dasein it is natural for dasein to submerge itself in the they Dasein understands its own thierness aesthetic experience is a moment of authenticity, when one sees oneself as one is socrates – forms a case of a specific philosophical model...
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