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essay questions 1 - Where does the text fit into being and...

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Where does the text fit into being and time as a whole? Page 121, he is describing the worldhood-of the-world “The worldhood of the world is ; pg 121 : the Being of the ontical condition which makes it possible for entities within-the-world to be discovered at all” proper account of our experience of the world requires a completely different type of analysis. In order to understand our world, then, it is important to begin with a phenominological, this is, descriptive- interpretive account of our interaction with the world that preserves the original and distinctive character of this interaction. (65) Our final aim is to specify the “worldliness” of the world, that is, its fundamental and defining structural feature(66) Hoes does it jib with the title? It attempts to define the underlying feature of dasein but yet in this chapter Heidegger discusses the relation with beings in the world and relates to time? How does it affect what comes after? One of the fundamental distinction to emerge from heidegger's world analysis then is the distinction between intramundane entities and dasein. The characterization or categories that are applicable to the former, are not, for Heidegger, under any circumstance applicable to the latter. (76) What is the author trying to say? He is trying to describe the world in which dasein exists and towards which it comports itself What sense of arguments do I get here? 1. the being of the intramundane entities that we first discover in our everyday comportments is to-handedness 2. the being of to-handed entities is connection 3. the being of entities insofar as they are discovered in theoretical comportments is at-handedness 4. worldliness is itself a system of relations [Verweisungszusammenhang] 5. the worldliness of the world is an existential, a structural feature of Dasein Do they work? Yes, Heidegger terms the types of being expressed in (1) and (3), namely to-handedness and at- handedness, categories, because they refer to entities that do not have the character of Dasein. By contrast structures of being rather than of intramundane entities are not categories bu existentials. Do I understand the technical language being employed Ready-to-hand present-at-hand DaSein Categories Worldliness-of-the-World Relations In-order-to For-the-sake-of
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With-which system of relations (verweisungszusammenhang) functional concepts Within-the-world uses the terms to make phenomenologically distinct Heidegger is aiming to give an account of this specific comportment of Dasein towards Being-in-the- world. Heidegger is looking at various characteristics of the world in this chapter in order to form a structural account of the world: How does Being and Time fit into Heideggers work as a whole? i.
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essay questions 1 - Where does the text fit into being and...

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