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09.14.09 notes - 09.14.09 Chapter 21, Augustus During the...

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09.14.09 Chapter 21, Augustus During the time of Augustus the roman province of Afrika is expanded Extended eastward towards Libya What is not Libya was once a roman province and so was eqypt From Algeria eastward to Egypt was all roman 13 Consulships of Augustus Chapter 29? Augustus career 40 bc to the 14 AD Next item in chapter 29 Suetonius talks about the forum of Augustus o The old roman forum was too small for all the legal business, so Augustus built a forum that contained a temple called mars the avenge o The temple proclaims Augustus as the great avenger o Augustus’s home was the palintine hill o The alter of peace is not mentioned and the pengeon The fire brigade o Ancient Rome had not fire department until Augustus ( chap 30) o Restoration of temples that were neglected in prior years o 82 temples in total o He wants to bring back republic, old religion, stressed the toga Chapter 32 , security of Italy o Augustus notes a serious problems with bandets, guilds
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o He takes measures to control these bandets, and make sure worksmans guilds were ethical o Suetonius says these worksmans guilds were organizations for creating crime o Romans in general did not like organizations, they thought private gatherings were dangerous Chapter 34, legislation on marriage and relationship o Augustus was a social and moral conservative
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09.14.09 notes - 09.14.09 Chapter 21, Augustus During the...

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