10.05.09 - o Negative opinions Tacitus has about...

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10.05.09 Tacitus Seneca Page 339 – Seneca rarly visits rome is not true, more like he is a rare site around the city Chapter 14 o Nero beings his famous career as a performer o Page 360 o Nero wants a bigger public to see him 362-366 Great Fire at Rome o Suetonius is convinced Nero burned Tome o Tacitus claims he is not sure o Tacitus reminds us of a bad rumor, Secena had gone back to his Palace to sing while Rome burns o 10 out of the 14 districts were destroyed o Augustus divided Rome into 14 administrative districts o Nero takes advantage of this fire, he built a new palace “nero’s golden house” o In aditiion to the Palace, Nero rebuilt the city itself, with straight roads, and had limitations on houses. Had regulations that sound very modern
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Unformatted text preview: o Negative opinions Tacitus has about Christians, Christianity is called a deadly superstition o Christians were in Rome at the time of Nero, o Nero blamed the Christians of starting the fire, accused them of Arson, he arrested them and put them to death o Tactitus said they did not start the fire, but he says they deserved Chapter 15 Page 368 Piso; Piso was very popular among the masses Piso was a good speaker and good friend His character was bad, had bad morals Women join in the plot against Piso Freedman goes to nero with the knife we was supposed to sharpen Nero gives an interrogation of the men and finds that there is something going on Senacaa death...
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10.05.09 - o Negative opinions Tacitus has about...

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