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Ideas and the How Much? Problem  o Ideas:  Ideas are subjective claims about descriptions of the world, causal  relationships, or the normative legitimacy of certain actions o Problems with ideas as an influence to behavior  (1) Beliefs can guide actions but apparent beliefs can be used to  rationalize strategies chosen for different reasons. Distinguishing  between the two is difficult.  (2) ideas can have causal effects and it is difficult to isolate the  independent variable from other confounding variables in the 
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Unformatted text preview: environment (3) an inability to show how much ideas are the causal agent for determined outcomes • Cross-case comparisons are useful in this example • One Way to Tie Ideas to Outcomes o Ideas can be major causes in politics. o Settings where ideas cross-cut prevailing lines of organization can clearly display their causal impact. Ex. : French decision making in early European integration...
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  • Causal Effects, causal agent, different reasons. Distinguishing, French decision making, causal  relationships, early European integration

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