10.05.09 - Non-renewable resources : minerals Uneven...

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Unformatted text preview: Non-renewable resources : minerals Uneven production and consumption reflects naturally uneven distribution world wide Physical processes initial formation of mineral concentrations Iron Ore Used for making steel Chart, estimated production in million metric tons Steel is used for construction and cars Copper Chile and the United States are the largest producers Bauxite Austrailia is a large producer Aluminum production Trends More people more consumption Average quantity consumed is creasing steadily particularly in Newly Industrializing Countries Proven/Known Reserve a resource of potential use and or profit that can be extracted under prevailing conditions, e.g. price, technologies, legal, environmental Conditional Reserve discovered but sub/uneconomic due to current prices and technology Actual Resource (available under current economic, technological instititutional, socio-cultural conditions) Mineral Resources : how availability can be expanded Mining oceans Improving exploitation technology (reducing waste)...
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10.05.09 - Non-renewable resources : minerals Uneven...

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