lectures 18 and 19

lectures 18 and 19 - LECTURES 18 & 19 THE ORGANIZATION OF...

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1 1 LECTURES 18 & 19 – THE ORGANIZATION OF INDUSTRY IN THE 20 TH CENTURY: FROM FORDISM TO POST-FORDISM OUTLINE { Long-waves of economic development { Theoretical foray: the Regulation School (and the macro-structures of capitalist economies) { Two key concepts: z Regime of accumulation z Mode of social regulation { Apply these concepts to explain the transition from Fordism to post-Fordism 2 THE HISTORICAL EVOLUTION OF CAPITALISM* Source: Knox, Agnew and McCarthy (2003) Industrial Revolution Fordism Post-Fordism
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2 3 KEY DEVELOPMENTS ENABLING GROWTH OF FORDISM, POST-1945 { Golden era of Fordism (1945-68) buoyed by: z 1. rise of Keynesian economic planning z 2. suburbanization mass consumption possibilities z 3. maturing of mass production techniques z 4. key industries : cars, heavy equipment, steel, petrochemicals, electrical appliances z in key sectors (aviation, communications, nuclear energy) z 6. competition = oligopolistic (and domestic) 4 KEYNESIAN WELFARE STATE AS THE FORDIST MOSR? { Keynesian Welfare State (KWS): capital and labor work together to float Fordist mass production through state intervention . z State regulates business, labor, finance, and provides for physical infrastructure, education, health care, UI, etc. { Capital and labor negotiate – through state
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lectures 18 and 19 - LECTURES 18 & 19 THE ORGANIZATION OF...

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