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09.22.09  HMST Notes  Chapter 8 and 9 are required readings  Midterm on Thursday  Plato considers justice a form of harmony  Guardians, Auxiliaries, the Masses  Given the anaology of the soul he says he can find wisdom because it is possessed by  the guardian class  Courage, to the extent it is exhibited by the Auxillaries  Self discipline: Masses  Reason of the soul, spirited, passions  Women are supposed to have a place in the guardian class  There is a third part of our soul that does not correspond to our desires  o The third part of the self can be used to harness our desires  o Justice is agent centered, not focused on our actions  o Focused on character  o Answers some of the questions that guaclon poses  There is nothing about our biological differences that exclude women, to that extent  women have a role to play for the guardian class  Women are rational, therefore they should be able to participate, he is being consistent  (had nothing to do with women’s rights)  Plays into the idea that what we are interested in is the harmony of the soul and the  harmony of the city   to this extent, bringing women into it, means that they have  something to add to the common good, 
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Plato indicates that the idea of the family has to be communal as well What is the relation between the sexes with the guardians, The segregation of women in society, out of politics into a separate sphere is artificial or arbitrary If you want to create an arrangement that extends the personal feelings you have towards you brothers, you should extend this to the community as well You have individual commitments to particular people, this is the way we understand the family Wants to break the attachment we have towards our families, he wants to have an extension to these private attachments to the entire community, the guardians should
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09.22.09 - 09.22.09 HMSTNotes MidtermonThursday...

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