09.29.09 - 09.29.09 Notes A/B Visible A Shadows/Reflections...

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09.29.09  Notes  A/B  C/D  Visible   Intelligible  A. Shadows/Reflections  B. Material Objects  C. Ideas/theories about A/b D. First principles –relation of ideas in C A. Non reality in A B. Subjects of belief  D> Reality  Chapter 11  Alliteration of the ideal city  Aristocracy (state that defines justice)   Timocracy (someone who is nominated by  honor)   oligarchy(rulers have money)   Democracy (defined by a love of freedom) tyranny  Anacyclosis : degeneration through these steps, empirically there are valid points from  Plato, speculative because the last stage is tyranny and not all governments are tyranny  This is an extended setup for his response of Glaucon  Moral truths seem to be so comprehensive that they do not have practical implications  There is a gap between the experience of the world (groups A and B) and our ideas  about the world (C and D)
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Failure because the Guardians want property (money and the desire for money is what instigates the decline of the ideal city) – superficial reading of the text o Goes back to the principle of specialization o The guardians want property o The principle of specialization ends of being broken or suspended, the guardians want to acquire property but acquiring property is not he same skill as ruling Means the guardians end up practicing two sets of skills at the same time, which is not natural, it is a break from nature Falling away from Anacyclosis results in a position of subservience He is indicated that as we give play to our passions the harmony of the soul that finds justice is shattered The pursuit of honor, any of these individual desires, does not accord with reason, which means it is not for your own good as a whole
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09.29.09 - 09.29.09 Notes A/B Visible A Shadows/Reflections...

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