10.13.09 - 10.13.09 H MST Notes He is not saying we cant...

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10.13.09 HMST Notes He is not saying we cant speak in terms of causes, we can not say that causality exists outside of our perception of things, along these links the role of the imagination in the role of causal relationships, has been taken by some scholars There is an imaginative link between things, he equivocates the idea of imagination, that allows us to come up with fictional things, at the same time it also has the role to provide the link between our perceptions and our passions o Two uses that come up in the text o All we can talk about with certainty is our impression of things, never things in themselves Today o Attempt to refute moral rationalism o Own explication of morality o Moral Rationalism : you can use things to find moral truths, if you unpack the idea, you can generate the consequences of further moral truths o Concepts themselves generate prescriptions and prohibitions on behavior o Huge does not think that morality can be generated in an abstract general way o If morality can be generated in this abstract way, it means that there are moral truth s that are universal and indisputable o 1. Reason provides the foundation for morality, the passions are nothing more than a distract from you moral obligations o 2. Morality is objective; the idea here is that there is an objective moral order that exists independently of our perceptions
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o Main Point: Reason alone cannot generate prescriptions or prohibitions o Argument one: IF moral rationalism is correct it means that there are true or false judgments about morality o Statements about the truthfulness of falsity about our experience relates to our impressions and ideas and how they relate o Reason does not show us what our obligations are, reason can only judge the things we experience, which is based perceptions. o
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10.13.09 - 10.13.09 H MST Notes He is not saying we cant...

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