10.27.09 - 10.27.09 The essay is a literarily form Hume...

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10.27.09 The essay is a literarily form Hume wanted to raise the level of discourse, wanted to provide some form of analiytic rigor to the discussion Because it is an essay it will be limited in its scope, the arguments will be more suggestive that complete There is a perswuasive aspect to the essays There is an attempt to get to the reader These essays are from 1741 – 1752 There is abroad variety of topics The intented audience is aimed at the broad public Hume does not think there can be a science of politics persay, you can talk scientifically about politics, but it does not mean you can have a science of poltics o He thinks it is going to be historically grounded Axioms and laws o These are broad sweeping generalization o Part of that comes form the subject matter and he is aware of this Hume’s understanding is not a science, historyin the 19 th centrury arises as history as science. Two targets o Conservatives and liberals Hume is closer to the conservatives, he departs from convervative during his time Conservatives depended on religion tog round moral beliefs o Liberals tried to justify beliefs according to the social contract theory o Hisotrically these groups broke down into two different groups o There is a distinction between tories and wigs o Further distinction between country and court
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o Country Party is defined by Agriarian interest o Court party supported the monarchy, the reason was simple, it gave them legal title to enguage in the financial activities that they did Review of criticisms of his contemporaries o Two types of contract in this essay o Further discrimination between tewo different types of contract, o Covenant vs Contract o Regarding the idea of the covenant – justification of authority based on consent , steed in religious tradition God is the source of authority God has a conenant with the peple and has established one particular person as the ruler That means all the authority in the nation is based upon god
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10.27.09 - 10.27.09 The essay is a literarily form Hume...

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