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ISyE 2027 Probability with Applications Fall 2006 R. D. Foley Homework 5 October 4, 2006 due on Tuesday 1. Suppose you are selling bagels. What would be a reasonable guess as to the distribution of (a) the number of customers that enter the store during the next hour? (b) the number of customers that pay for their bagels until a customer drops their change? (c) the number of customers out of the next ten that pay with a twenty dollar bill?, and (d) whether all of the bagels are sold or not? 2. Suppose X is a random variable with probability mass function Pr { X = k } = ck for k = 1 , 2 , 3 , 4, and Y = ( X - 2) 2 . (a) Determine c . (b) Compute E[ X ]. (c) Compute the probability mass function of Y . (d) Compute E[ Y ]. (e) Compute the conditional probability mass function Pr { X = k | X 2 } . 3. Suppose Y is a Bernoulli random variable with parameter p = 1 / 3. (a) Compute E[ Y ]. (b) Let Z = ( Y - 1 / 3) 2 . Find the probability mass function of Z . (c) Compute E[ Z ]. 4. Suppose
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