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Character - Character Tim O'Brien Major Actions Ran off to...

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Character Tim O’Brien Jimmy Cross Mitchell Sanders Norman Bowker Henry Dobbins Rat Kiely Curt Lemon Major Actions Ran off to escape the war and is the narrator of the story he cannot seem to stop writing about the war. Lieutenant and has an obsession over a girl back home and constantly daydreams about her then later regrets it Tells the story of an AWOL guy and about being silent in the jungle Carries a thumb for good luck and wishes his dad would just accept him without medals Carries his girlfriend’s pantyhose also for good luck. Bowker and Dobbins play checkers a lot. Writes a letter his best friend, Curt Lemon’s sister. She never writes back and he is distraught so he kills a baby buffalo just to hurt something. He was too courageous to the point of doing stupid things not to look like a coward. Out of shame from passing out at the dentist’s office he gets a perfectly good tooth pulled later.
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