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Friday, Sept 4 2009 Adaptation ex. Evolution of eyes Photoreceptor cells likely evolved just once Variety of eye types existing today are a result of natural selection working on adaptations Natural selection doesn’t engineer, only works with existing material ex. Octopus eye vs mammal eye How does evolution work? Requires an understanding of genetics, not yet developed during Darwin’s time Chromosomes first discovered in 1842 Chromosome Theory of Inheritance established in early 20th century through observations in Peas (Bateson, DeVries) Drosophila (Morgan, Bridges) Salamander (Janssens) Mitosis Meiosis Course logistics o Staff information o Syllabus o Textbook o Grading o Exams o University policy statements o Factoids o Flu advisory What is life? Adaptation Why study biology? o disease o ecosystem changes What is science? Types of experiments Types of reasoning What is a scientific theory? Wednesday, Sept 2, 2009 Biology before Darwin o Species are fixed and unchanging. - Linnaeus: Classification and a ladder-like hierarchy of life. o New Idea: Species can change (evolve). - Jean-Baptiste Lamark: Proposed the inheritance of acquired traits - EG Saint-Hillaire: Homology Darwin: The theory of evolution by natural selection. o Alfred Russell Wallace: Same idea, no book. Darwin’s influences o Observations made on the HMS Beagle o Georges Cuvier: Fossils organisms o Charles Lyell: Uniformitarianism and an ancient earth. o
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BIO201.BP1 - Course logistics o Staff information o...

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