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anth 4 ppt 2 - 1 Housekeeping b posted online...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Housekeeping b posted online @ s Syllabus s PDFs of required readings through Day 7 b (if you dont want to buy the reader) s HW1 s Essay Topics, guide to avoiding plagarism b Coming soon (to website): s Rest of the readings s MT guidelines s Guides to academic research & writing, finding appropriate references, essay grading rubrics b My Office Hours: currently Tu 1-3. is 9-11am better? Housekeeping cont. b Extra Credit Key Quote Responses s Due weekly in section-see syllabus s Week 1 Readings EC duedate extended to next weeks section b/c of walkout chaos b Weekly Homework Assignments are starting s HW 1 assigned today (posted on course website), and due next Tu, in lecture Review b What is culture? b B shared practices, beliefs and worldviews b B these are learned s Youre not born with a particular worldview or knowing particular cultural practices b Cultures are embedded and overlapping s None of us are just American or some other culture b B each of our cultural practices are influenced by multiple sources s I, for example, interact with the world and behave according to the norms of being an American, a female, a professional, etc. s There are norms for each of these cultures, and these norms all influence my behavior, and can also conflict with each other Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology: Historical Background How linguistics and language systems became a part of anthropological study Why is language important? b cultural practices transmitted via language s Remember, cultural practices are learned, so they must be taught, or passed along to younger generations b language is itself a cultural practice s Within a cultural group, there are shared norms for how one communicates, what linguistic forms you use, how you talk to people of different status, etc. b Language background (what lgs you speak, know) is related to worldview s Debate about what this relationship is, whether lg structure limits worldview, or simply makes particular things more obvious to you at first glance When did lg become important to understanding/interpreting culture? b In US, anthropological research strongly influenced by availability of Native Americans, with different linguistic and cultural backgrounds b Why did they study Native Americans? b 1. They were there, and understudied b 2. trying to classify languages into families: B Are lgs X & Y derived from 1 common ancestor lg or from separate ancestor lgs? b 3. by classifying lgs, the anthropologists thought they would be able to capture and classify cultures into hierarchical families 2 Theory of Cultural Evolution b Underlying premise: there were different degrees of complexity across languages/cultures b Hunter/gatherer societies were implicitly thought to be less evolved or complex than contemporary European languages & cultures b Uncovering a continuum of complexity would show different phases in human evolution Problems with Cultural Evolution...
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anth 4 ppt 2 - 1 Housekeeping b posted online...

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