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Anth 4 ppt 5 - Review Morphology What locations can morphemes be attached to a word Before(prefix after(suffix surrounding(circumfix in the

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1 Review: Morphology What locations can morphemes be attached to a word? b Before (prefix); after (suffix); surrounding (circumfix); in the middle (infix) What are some other morphological processes by which we add morphemes to a word? b Reduplication (repeating part or all of a morpheme to change the meaning), compounding (combining two words, e.g. some+where), alternation (goose vs. geese, give vs. gave), suppletion (new form, e.g. Spanish infinitive ir ‘to go’ in 1 st person singular present tense as voy ) What’s the difference between analytic and synthetic lgs? b analytic lgs have separate words for every morpheme, and only one form (morpheme) per meaning b synthetic lgs combine morphemes to make larger words; the meaning is derived from the combination of morphemes What types of synthetic languages are there? b What are the differences? b agglutinative lgs have clear boundaries between morphemes; fusional lgs use morphemes that have multiple combined meanings (e.g. –s in She walks tells us the tense (present) and it also tells us the number & person (third person singular) & we can’t break –s into separate parts which contain these separate meanings; morphemes Review: Syntax • What is syntax? b the study of how words are combined according to systematic rules to make larger ideas (not word soup) • What are the syntactic categories of each word in the following sentence? – The sun shines for 12 hours in the summer. b determiner noun verb prep adj noun prep determiner noun • Does every ‘word’ just have one syntactic category? b nope, this can change over time, text (N) b text (V), and two forms can co-exist, e.g. the blog vs. I blog • Are the following sentences examples of lexical or syntactic ambiguity? • The savvy cats and dogs eyed the stranger. • She’s a cougar. • I mailed the letter to Jones in Ohio. b syntactic, lexical, syntactic Registers of Language Varieties of language forms that are use for particular goals or in particular settings Register Register = a stylistic variant of language appropriate to a certain social setting – Speaking in an appropriate way for the context is part of our linguistic competence and performance – Registers are systematic—they have internal norms and ‘rules’ • We have multiple registers available to us – E.g., I’m not just a speaker of academic lg, I have a number of registers that I can command to different degrees • We speak or write differently in different situations – We style ourselves through language, the same way we style ourselves through our clothing, our behavior, etc… Register • Some example of registers: • Spoken: • Child-Directed Speech • Sportscasting • Lecturing • Written: • Newspaper headlines • Recipes • Legal talk Register • Within a certain register, there may be sub-registers with
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Anth 4 ppt 5 - Review Morphology What locations can morphemes be attached to a word Before(prefix after(suffix surrounding(circumfix in the

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