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anth 4 ppt 6 - Reminders. HW2 due today HW 3 assigned today...

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1 Reminders. . b HW2 due today b HW 3 assigned today b MT assignment due next Thursday s Don’t start writing it the night before its due! b Review: Registers of Lg b Name some registers of language that you use b What is a register? b B a set of linguistic norms appropriate to a certain social setting b What do we call the actual linguistic features that separate one register from another? b B register markers Review: Writing Systems b What are the fundamental differences between spoken and written language? b B kids naturally learn the spoken lg(s) of their community, but must be explicitly taught the writing system b B spoken comes first, writing is a secondary form of communication b What basic division is there within what writing systems encode? b B Whether they are predominantly a semantic or phonetic system b How do writing systems evolve? Evolution of writing systems Pictographic rebus logographic syllabic alphabetic logosyllabic Not a writing system Lg specific, but not able to capture all aspects of a lg Full linguistic systems Review: Transcription b What is lost in a transcript? b Social context, facial expressions, vocal quality, etc… b What is gained? b Anonymity (lg variation is neutralized); extraneous info is filtered out, greater intelligibility across speakers who have very different language practices Pragmatics The study of meaning in context
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2 Why Pragmatics? b E.g. Why is it separate from semantics? s b/c context (which is oh-so changeable) can affect meaning, and how some sentence/utterance is interpreted s Lots of possible contexts which affect how we interpret meaning B b with different types of people (e.g. grandparents vs. buddies), b in different contexts (e.g. school vs. work vs. at the gas station), b in different regions (e.g. ‘torch’ is a lit flaming thing here, but is a flashlight in Australia), b as a response to different earlier statements (e.g. when I say ‘dude,’ it can have a different meaning if the earlier statement is ‘Hi’ vs. ‘let’s leave’ s ‘Hi’… ‘dude’ B dude is interpreted as a greeting, like ‘Hi’ s ‘Let’s leave’…’dude’ B dude is showing agreement, like ‘yes/yeah’ How context affects meaning b Deictics : a set of words that have no permanent meaning— their meaning changes depending on the context of where they’re used s E.g. he, she, there, here, it, now, tomorrow s For example, if I say b ‘Put it there s the meaning of ‘there’ is dependent on where the two speakers are b ‘She’s working’ s The meaning of ‘she’ is dependent on the earlier conversational context—meant to refer to a specific woman, but without context, ‘she’ is could be any female How context affects meaning Cont. b
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anth 4 ppt 6 - Reminders. HW2 due today HW 3 assigned today...

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