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anth 4 ppt 6 - Reminders HW2 due today HW 3 assigned today...

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1 Reminders.. box4 HW2 due today box4 HW 3 assigned today box4 MT assignment due next Thursday square6 Don’t start writing it the night before its due! box4 Note on getting sick vis-à-vis HW & Attendance Review: Registers of Lg box4 Name some registers of language that you use box4 What is a register? box4 barb2right a set of linguistic norms appropriate to a certain social setting box4 What do we call the actual linguistic features that separate one register from another? box4 barb2right register markers Review: Writing Systems box4 What are the fundamental differences between spoken and written language? box4 barb2right kids naturally learn the spoken lg(s) of their community, but must be explicitly taught the writing system box4 barb2right spoken comes first, writing is a secondary form of communication box4 What basic division is there within what writing systems encode? box4 barb2right Whether they are predominantly a semantic or phonetic system box4 How do writing systems evolve? Evolution of writing systems Pictographic rebus logographic syllabic alphabetic logosyllabic Not a writing system Lgspecific, but not able to capture all aspects of a lg Full linguistic systems Review: Transcription box4 What is lost in a transcript? box4 Social context, facial expressions, vocal quality, etc… box4 What is gained? box4 Anonymity (lgvariation is neutralized); extraneous info is filtered out, greater intelligibility across speakers who have very different language practices Pragmatics The study of meaning in context
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2 Why Pragmatics? box4 E.g. Why is it separate from semantics? square6 b/ccontext (which is oh-so changeable) can affect meaning, and how some sentence/utterance is interpreted square6 Lots of possible contexts which affect how we interpret meaning barb2right box4 with different types of people (e.g. grandparents vs. buddies), box4 in different contexts (e.g. school vs. work vs. at the gas station), box4 in different regions (e.g. ‘torch’is a lit flaming thing here, but is a flashlight in Australia), box4 as a response to different earlier statements (e.g. when I say ‘dude,’ it can have a different meaning if the earlier statement is ‘Hi’vs. ‘let’s leave’ square6 ‘Hi’… ‘dude’ barb2right dude is interpreted as a greeting, like ‘Hi’ square6 ‘Let’s leave’…’dude’ barb2right dude is showing agreement, like ‘yes/yeah’ How context affects meaning box4 Deictics : a set of words that have no permanent meaning— their meaning changes depending on the context of where they’re used square6 E.g. he, she, there, here, it, now, tomorrow square6 For example, if I say box4 ‘Put it there square6 the meaning of ‘there’ is dependent on where the two speakers are box4 ‘She’s working’ square6 The meaning of ‘she’ is dependent on the earlier conversational context—meant to refer to a specific woman, but without context, ‘she’ is could be any female How context affects meaning Cont.
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