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anth 4 ppt 7 - Bookkeeping MT assignment due NEXT Th HW2...

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1 Bookkeeping s MT assignment due NEXT Th s HW2 accepted through today, for 75% of total grade s • Requires analyzing a Youtube video—don’t leave till last minute! s • Let us know! Paralanguage (from Lec6) s occurs alongside language, not another full language s System – captures HOW something is said, not WHAT is said, – is culturally mediated s E.g. speech volume – Americans tend to speak louder than British speakers – How can this lead to conflict? s b Americans could feel like the British are being secretive or sneaky b/c they’re quieter s b British could feel that Americans are angry or aggressive, b/c they’re louder Review: Grice’s Maxims s What are the four Maxims? s Quantity, quality, manner, relevance s ‘Is it going to rain?’ – What type of answer would flout ‘quantity’? s Wrong Amt of Info b no answer, a 10 minute answer on the reliability of weather forecasters s Quality? s Not True b saying ‘no, it will be sunny for the next 3 months straight’ s Manner? s Right Amt of Info, but inappropriate presentation b ‘Yes, sometime soon, you jerk!’ s Relevance? s Off topic b ‘I may make pizza tonight’ Review: NVC s What are some types of ways we communicate that aren’t through language? s Proxemics (perceptions & use of space); kinesics (gestures, movements, facial expressions); paralanguage s Universal or culture/lg specific? s b culture/lg specific s Thought Q: Within a community, are these NVCs used the same, by everyone? Language Acquisition How children & adults acquire language; theories & stages of acquisition First Lg Acquisition s We learn vocabulary throughout our lives, but, s by the time we are 5 years old we know the basics of our native language(s) s At 5 years old, before we can do even basic math, we are already using complex rules of language
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2 First Lg Acquisition s Begs the q—how do kids do it? It’s a lot of learning in a short timespan… s One possibility b Innateness Hypothesis Innateness Hypothesis s Theory that children acquire language(s) through the use of Universal Grammar or UG – We are genetically predisposed to acquire language: Babies are born with the knowledge that languages have patterns, and they intuitively seek out those patterns Universal Grammar = an innate blueprint that includes the universal patterns and principles of all possible languages of the world (UG promoted by Noam Chomsky) • No one knows what exactly UG includes, but is being investigated s Why innate? – b/c language acts like other biologically controlled & genetically triggered behaviors 6 characteristics of innate behaviors s Behavior emerges before its necessary • We start acquiring lg between 12 & 24 months, before we must survive without parental help s Appearance not the result of conscious decision • We don’t ‘choose’ to acquire language, we just do it s Emergence not triggered by external events
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anth 4 ppt 7 - Bookkeeping MT assignment due NEXT Th HW2...

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