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anth 4 ppt 11 - Review Lg Policy SGE Movement Singaporeans...

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1 Review: Lg Policy Singaporeans, when using English, typically speak ‘Singlish’, an indigenous variety of English which is But…This variety is not respected by gov’t s Gov’t feels that Singlish is not universally comprehensible (true, but no English dialect is so) and is ‘wrong’ and ‘bad’ Response: gov’t started Singapore’s Speak Good English Movement (2000): s Encourages Singaporeans to speak ‘grammatically’ (but doesn’t make ‘bad’ English against the law SGE Movement Is this covert or overt? b overt Is it promotive or tolerative? b promotive b/c it encourages ‘standard English’ Is it egalitarian or restrictive? Restrictive b singlish is not given equal rights and/or encouragement Are there jurisdictional limitations or does it apply across the board? b Neither (not actually a law, just an encouragement for all to strive for) Is the de jure law actually happening (de facto )? Does this program actually work? Does it influence how people really speak? b Apparently not in a widespread fashion, but yes in some areas: Example of how the public has taken on this belief: Ris She won Miss Singapore World 2009, but then was interviewed speaking ‘badly’—lots of ppl called for her to step down or have her crown taken away b/c she would not portray Singapore in a positive light at the Miss World World contest. E.g., Public reaction: ‘Ris Low brought to us memorable phrases like "zipbra preens" (zebra prints), "bigini" (bikini) and the immortal "Boomz!" She was heavily criticized (or rather bombarded, with over a few thousand comments on the various Youtube videos alone) for her lack of diction”’ ht p:// Social Stratification, Language The study of how language varies across contexts and social groupings, how differences can be uncovered through linguistic analysis, and how variation correlates to change over time in language practices What is lg variation (NP) Lg vs. dialect vs. accent what’s the difference to linguists? What is lg variation?? Differences in speech patterns that are systematic, and which, when they happen at every structural linguistic level delineate 2+ dialects or 2+ registers What were our levels of linguistic analysis? b Phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, lexicon Phonetic variation (in /r/) Variation in the actual pronunciation Shared concept of sounds in our heads (phonemes), but different acoustic realization, e.g., How /r/ is pronounced Within a population: s Even in this class, the /r/ is not articulated in the same place by everyone Across communities: s There is variation, e.g. in Scotland, the /r/ is often
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anth 4 ppt 11 - Review Lg Policy SGE Movement Singaporeans...

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