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anth 4 ppt 13 - Reminders Essay Rough Draft due now Review...

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1 Reminders… Essay Rough Draft due now! square4 They’ll be returned next Th (11/12) in lecture, and a final draft will be due Tu (11/24) in lecture. square4 Don’t loose the rough draft—you will need to submit the graded draft with your final exam-it is factored into your final essay grade HW 5 due next Tu Next W is a holiday-no section (Veteran’s Day) Review What is the difference between grammatical gender and social gender? What is the difference between a gender preference linguistic system and a gender exclusive linguistic system? How do the difference and dominance theories (camps) view language variation between genders? Language & Power The study of how language practices relate to power relationships Thought q… Uncovering power in interactions Discuss this with a neighboring student: If you are watching two ppl interact, and trying to figure out who’s in charge, who has the upper hand, what things within the interaction might give you a clue? Uncovering power in interactions What linguistic features in particular might show that two speakers are relatively equal or, contrariwise, unequally authoritative within an interaction? Language & Power (a review) Language is very influential to how we interpret social relationships We use lg to determine what the relationship is as a viewer, e.g. in the US, you can figure out who has relatively more power based on who talks more, who’s louder, who uses direct statements (vs. indirect statements), who asks (and doesn’t answer) questions To maintain a particular relationship E.g. by using ‘powerful’ lg to ppl who are ‘subordinate’, the existing power relationship is not changed, and instead, is reinforced To contest a power relationship E.g. terms like lg vs. dialect reflect power structures, and can be contested by the ‘dialect’ speakers if they start calling how their code a ‘language’
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2 Lg & Power (new stuff) What lg practices are interpreted as ‘powerful’ or ‘authoritative’ (vs. ‘weak’ or ‘powerless’) varies across lgs & cultures The lg practices themselves do not have ‘power,’ but we interpret them & then attribute (or don’t) power to particular parties & this varies across the world Lg & Power: Direct & Indirect Speech Direct speech This is good/bad/green/broken Indirect speech This may be ___ Person X thinks that this is ___ It appears that this is ___ One might interpret this as ____, etc… In American culture, direct speech is interpreted as powerful, indirect speech is interpreted as weaker square4 Strong barb2right Someone who says ‘x is y’ sounds authoritative & powerful square4 Weak barb2right Someone who says ‘I think that y may be y’ doesn’t sound authoritative Lg & Power: Direct & Indirect Speech Cont.
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