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anth 4 ppt 14 - Reminders, housekeeping HW 5 due today...

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1 Reminders, housekeeping HW 5 due today Nina’s W section EC for this week due today (no classes tomorrow) HW 6 assigned today Essay s Rough drafts will be returned on Th s Final drafts are due in 1.5 weeks, the Tu of Thanksgiving week Comments on essay rough drafts Animal communication topic Some forgot to mention the 9 design features of lg, and how they play out in each communication system No drawing on personal pets as examples s No interpreting what animals ‘intend’ b focus on what is clearly evident, via academic research Don’t look at three modalities of communication within a species (e.g. visual, s Why? Problem: not all of these are considered independent communication systems Like how gestures are considered an ASPECT of human communication, but are not always present and do not have consistent interpretations s Also, some of the examples I saw were not species specific, e.g. s We al act protectively (vocal y, physical y) when our home & family are threatened by an intruder s Goal b focus on one communication system per species, compare the range, uses and complexity of them to each other, given the def of lg as the 9 design features s Take home message: these are not great examples, given the essay prompt, and you will have a very tough time successfully making a case for them as distinct communication systems Essay Comments, cont. Bilingualism, lg shift, lg maintenance essay Prompt Don’t offer autobiographical info in place of academic research A bit as supplement is OK, but it should not be bulk, or even half of paper Don’t forget to define the terms, and provide examples, based on academic writings, which undergo each process These topics will be covered in class on Th, but as a preview: s Lg death =/= 1 community stops using a lg b it means that there are ZERO speakers of the language still around s Lg shift =/= internal structural changes to the lg (e.g. Old English to modern English b it means when a community goes through a shift from one dominant lg to another dominant lg (across generations) Great reference for definitions: s Joshua Fishman (2004). ‘Language Maintenance, Language Shift, and reversing Language Shift’ in T. Bhatia & W. Ritchie (Eds.) The handbook of bilingualism . New York: Blackwell, 406-436. Essay Comments, cont. Lg Policy prompt In general, these tended to be the sparsest (in terms of overall length, writing) s So, much work to be done! s In particular, don’t forget to offer a bit of contextualization about the country (history, sociolinguistic makeup, etc.) s Don’t forget offer some sort of generalization about language policies, country demographics, etc. that you have drawn, based on the three case studies, in your conclusion Things to consider: s You can use the different terms we discussed in class (e.g. de facto vs. de jure) s You can also talk about the different values languages can hold (and
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anth 4 ppt 14 - Reminders, housekeeping HW 5 due today...

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