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Name: Student I.D. #: EE464 Midterm 2 Instructor: Keith Chugg Wednesday, April 6, 1994 1 hour 15 minutes Closed Book, Open Notes Instructions: Verify that your exam contains 7 pages (including this cover sheet). Little space is provided for you to show your work. Show your work on the back of the exam sheets or on additional scratch sheets. Submit extra sheets showing any work you would like to be considered for grading purposes. Place only the final answer in the box provided. If you provide more than one answer in the box, they will be equally weighted. A correct answer contained in your work, but not written in the answer box is worth only partial credit. Answer forms: “Numerical answers” means the answer should be a numerical expression, decimal expression is not necessary. For example “1 + 2” is O.K., but “1 + 4” is not (i.e. you need “5”). Showing your work for numerical answers will allow us to give partial credit for an incorrect answer. An incorrect numerical answer with no work is worth no credit. “Function of T and λ ” means that your answer should be an expression involving T and λ . All other elements of the expression should be numerical. “Always-Sometimes-Never” answers require no explanation unless specifically re- quested. If an explanation is requested, a correct answer without explanation is worth little credit.
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  • Probability theory, probability density function, Cumulative distribution function, Probability mass function, K.M. Chugg

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