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questions for luna - The Legacy of Luna Who is the author...

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The Legacy of Luna Who is the author? What are her credentials? What was her purpose in writing this book? Julia Butterfly Hill is a twenty-five year old environmental activist who wrote the book The Legacy of Luna. She wrote the book to share her story and her experience of living in Luna, a giant redwood that was being threatened to be cut down, for two years; also to bring awareness to the destruction of the dwindling redwood forest. How was it that Julia Butterfly came to be a tree-sitter? Did her background predispose her to this activity? Why or why not? What was her motivation? Julia Butterfly Hill’s background really does not have much to do with tree-sitting; however she was the daughter of an itinerant preacher and grew up very religious. Without religion I do not feel that she could have lasted half as long as she did. In saying that, I believe her faith prepared her for doing what she did. Her motivation was to fulfill as much of what she believed to be her calling, as possible. When Julia first tried to help out with the forest movement, it seemed as if no one wanted her around or needed her services because she had no prior experience in protesting; but she was persistent and eventually was able to do her first and second tree sit with two others in Luna for a few days each time; the average tree sit lasts about 3-5 days. Julia realized the short amount of time spent in the tree was not enough to satisfy her urge to save the forest, so her and a fellow tree-sitter prepared to do a three week tree-sit so that the other protesters would not have to hike up the slope and climb up the tree as often. Julia became the permanent tree-sitter in Luna during her duration in the three week tree-sit. A few days
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questions for luna - The Legacy of Luna Who is the author...

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