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G202: “Corporate Social Strategy” Spring 2010 (2 credit hours) Indiana University, Kelley School of Business Department of Business Economics and Public Policy GENERAL COURSE INFORMATION Instructor Name: Steven F. Kreft Telephone: (812) 856-4965 E-mail: [email protected] Office: BU 458 Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday from 1:15pm—2:15pm Other times are available by appointment. COURSE MATERIALS G202 Required Course Packet This packet contains the required readings that we will use throughout the semester. These readings are applied in nature and are going to be used to see the class material in more real world settings. For example, many of the readings will be Harvard Business Cases that will walk you through an event that pertains to one of our class learning objectives. In addition to this course packet, the class notes (PowerPoint slides) will be detailed enough that you will have all the information if you read this packet and attend class regularly. G202 Optional Course Packet This packet contains the optional readings that may be used to support the class material that we will cover in the semester. These readings are intended to supplement your understanding of the class notes. If you plan on attending class regularly and taking Sections Days Times Room 5377 M/W 11:15am—12:05pm BU-219 5378 M/W 2:30pm—3:20pm BU-219 5379 M/W 3:35pm—4:25pm BU-219 5380 M/W 4:40pm—5:30pm BU-219 1
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complete notes, you may not need to supplement with these readings. This is an individual study choice, but nothing will be asked from these readings that was not covered in the lectures explicitly. This optional packet is on e-reserve in the BUS/SPEA library, and directions on how to access it are posted in syllabus tab in oncourse. ONCOURSE As registered students, you automatically have access to Oncourse. You will use Oncourse to view information that will be helpful for facilitation of the course throughout the semester, so I would check their often especially if you happen to miss a class. I will upload all PowerPoint slides, practice problems, and study guides in the Resources Tab of Oncourse. Also, our discussion forums will be run through the Forum Tab of Oncourse. Furthermore, I will use the announcement function to communicate any important coming dates or class policies. Finally, I will keep a running gradebook in oncourse through the Post’em function that will be updated all semester. In the Oncourse post’em gradebook I will post a G202 ID Number (in the 2 nd week of class) that you will use as your identification number throughout the semester, it is important that you put this on all assignments….In other words, memorize it, or keep it handy all semester long. Assignments will not be accepted without this identification number. COURSE OBJECTIVE G202 is intended to make you aware of the broad range of ways in which the non-market environment—government policymakers and other social regulators—affects business, and give you an understanding of the process through which businesses and other special interest groups create and change the rules of the game under which they function. In
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