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INDIANA UNIVERSITY Department Of Economics Economics 202.6250 Professor Graf 013 Ballantine Hall 209 Wylie Bldg. T R 8:00am-9:15am Off. Hrs T R 12:00pm-2:00pm Spring 2010 W 10:00am-12:00pm & by Appointment TA: Piyali Das Phone: 855-2543 E-mail: Prerequisites: E201: Introduction to Microeconomics Course Objective: To provide a better understanding of how economists study the economy as a whole. This course is designed to help you better understand the world you live in, to make you a more astute participant in the market place and to provide you with the tools necessary to analyze the potential and limits of economic policy. The tools of macroeconomic analysis will be developed and applied to the national economic problems facing the U.S. and other market-orientated economies. Such problems include recessions, economic growth, inflation, unemployment, consumer spending & saving, fiscal & Texts: Macroeconomics , For Professor Paul Graf’s E202, Custom edition for Indiana University Basic Four Function Calculator Optional: Class Web site: Course Organization: Students are expected to have read the assigned material prior to each lecture and should expect to work at least 8 hours per week outside of class. Class activities are based on the premise you have read the material assigned, at least once, prior to the class lecture. Lectures only compliment the required reading material. Lectures are not a substitute for the readings nor are the readings a substitute for attending and participating in class. After each lecture you should reconstruct your notes so you understand the material. In addition, you are required to read and understand all material. You are responsible for all material presented both the texts as well as lecture, for an exam. A student should attend every class for which the student is scheduled and is responsible for all work covered in the classes and assigned readings. Course Expectations: My goal is to create, facilitate and protect the learning environment for yourself and your classmates. Any action or behavior that interferes with my ability to add value to you or your fellow classmates are unacceptable. My job is to teach you methods of economic analysis and how to think as an economist. I will be prepared for each class as well as work very hard to make the material understandable. You can expect me to be fair on all exams and homework as well as the calculation of your final grade. I am not here to be popular. I am here to add value to each and every one of you. I approach this task with sincerity and commitment. I expect sincerity and commitment from my students. Your job is to be prepared for each class and work hard to make sure you understand all material.
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syllabus+spring+10-macro+ - INDIANA UNIVERSITY Department...

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