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Discussion+times,+rooms,+and+instructors - anblackb 5274 F...

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Section Day Time Room Instructor email 5264 R 5:30-6:45p BU201 Greg Cox gcox 5265 R 5:30-6:45p BU300 Erica Honeywell ehoneywe 16479 R 5:30-6:45p BU202 Drew Grimm dpgrimm 26327 R 5:30-6:45p BU321 Tyler Hamacher thamache 5267 R 7:00-8:15p BU201 Greg Cox gcox 5269 R 7:00-8:15p BU300 Erica Honeywell ehoneywe 5270 R 7:00-8:15p BU400 Drew Grimm dpgrimm 26328 R 7:00-8:15p BU321 Tyler Hamacher thamache 5271 F 9:30-10:45a BU300 Cancelled 13981 F 9:30-10:45a BU201 Merrit Himburg mhimburg 26326 F 9:30-10:45a BU321 Greg Cox gcox 26329 F 9:30-10:45a BU103 Tyler Hamacher thamache 5272 F 11:15a -12:30p BU201 Matt Anderson mda 5273 F 11:15a -12:30p BU300 Allison Blackburn
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Unformatted text preview: anblackb 5274 F 11:15a -12:30p BU400 Merrit Himburg mhimburg 5278 F 11:15a -12:30p BU321 Erica Honeywell ehoneywe 26330 F 11:15a -12:30p BU103 Evan Nolan evnolan 5275 F 1:00-2:15p BU201 Matt Anderson mda 5276 F 1:00-2:15p BU400 Merrit Himburg mhimburg 13983 F 1:00-2:15p BU300 Allison Blackburn anblackb 26331 F 1:00-2:15p BU103 Evan Nolan evnolan 5263 F 2:30-3:45p BU300 Allison Blackburn anblackb 5277 F 2:30-3:45p BU201 Matt Anderson mda 26332 F 2:30-3:45p BU103 Evan Nolan evnolan...
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  • Spring '08
  • English-language surnames, 1959 births, Tyler Hamacher, Erica Honeywell, BU103 Evan Nolan, BU300 Allison Blackburn

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