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NATS 101 - Homework Assignment #2

NATS 101 - Homework Assignment #2 - Antonio Alarcn NATS 101...

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Antonio Alarcón 1/25/08 NATS 101: The World We Create Homework Assignment #2 1) The manner in which my generation is addressed is largely associated with some sort of negative connotation that we , in some sense, are directly responsible, and are responsible, for a multitude of problems that you see today. This, in summation, is the consensus discriminating against my generation. As a society, we did not find ourselves justified with our actions. In all honesty, justification had nothing to do with such actions. Simply put, our actions were on the basis of self-interest the cornerstone of human nature. Your generation is not much different from mine own . Certainly in retrospect, any and all conflicts seem miniscule my generation, a conglomeration of ignorant brutes, concerned only with a means for personal satisfaction. Yet, you fail to realize, the same addictions, the same hedonistic nature lives on within your own .
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