Management Jan 14

Management Jan 14 - Management Learning from who you manage...

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Management 1/14/10 Learning from who you manage Cu-boulder role and mission statement o How to achieve goals and how to get there Flagship 2030 strategic plan 06-07 o Ask question about CU for it to strive o 60 members o 49 th state in funding higher education Make a list of 5 behavior attributes that describe the best manager you have ever worked for or would like to work for o Caring-for well being as a person o Reasonable-fair o Organized o ?? o ?? Attribute most wanted---- honesty Credibility o Honest and having integrity Managers are people Overview of the new workplace o A highly competitive global economy has created unparalleled opportunities and unprecedented uncertainties. Can you identify some of these opportunities and uncertainties? Companies with a future are committed to people Companies with a future have high performance expectations and provided supportive work environments High performing companies gain extraordinary results from people o Remember that managers are committed to people!! o People are your hardest asset
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Take care of people and they will take care of you I-pod has no battery door b/c of aesthetic reasons
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Management Jan 14 - Management Learning from who you manage...

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