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Management Jan 26 - Management 1/26/10 Chapter 4:...

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Management 1/26/10 Chapter 4: environmental and organizational culture Midterm is chapter 1, 2, 4, 5,6 and maybe 7 When in an interview, when they ask if you have any questions for them you ASK: how do you see me fitting into your culture? Study question 1 : what is the external environment of organizations? Competitive advantage is a core competency that clearly sets an organization apart for competitors and gives it an advantage over them in the marketplace. o Core competency is like phones for Motorola, service at state farm, fast Mexican food at Chipotle o Some firms change away from their core competency Companies may achieve competitive advantage in many ways, including: o Products o Pricing o Customer service o Cost efficiency o Quality The General environment —all of the background conditions in the external environment of the organization including: o Economic o Socio-cultural o Legal-political o Technological o Natural environment These must all be considered before making big decisions Stability 9/11 data and The Specific (task) environment —actual organizations, groups, and persons with whom an organization interacts and conducts business
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Management Jan 26 - Management 1/26/10 Chapter 4:...

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