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1 MECH 466 / MECH 580 Microelectromechanical Systems University of Victoria Dept. of Mechanical Engineering Lecture 1: Introduction May 7th, 2007 Mech 466, N. Dechev, UVic 2 MEMS (Microelectromechanical Systems) is a term introduced to represent a class of miniaturized mechanical or electro-mechanical devices. Microelectromechanical systems are also referred to as: Micromachines (Japan) Micro System Technology (MST) (Europe) Microsystems Micro Sensors and Actuators Micro Transducers What are MEMS? Mech 466, N. Dechev, UVic 3 The term MEMS generally refers to the micro-scale ‘components’ or micro-scale ‘devices’ within a system. Not the entire system itself. In this sense, the name MEMS is somewhat misleading. In order to create a completely functioning ‘System’ that makes use of MEMS, the system will require various other sub-systems, such as: power, microelectronics, communication and software. What are MEMS? MEMS Sensor Power Electronics Communication Software MEMS Actuator Complete MEMS Based ‘System’ Mech 466, N. Dechev, UVic 4 What are MEMS? DLP Matrix, [Texas Instruments] Accelerometer, [Analog Devices] Pressure Sensors, [Integrated Sensing Systems] Mech 466, N. Dechev, UVic
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5 Why was MEMS Technology Developed? MEMS is a ‘spin-off’ technology derived from the microelectronics industry. Researchers investigated ways to create micro-mechanical devices using microelectronic fabrication methods. The motivation was various. Nathanson sought better transistor performance. Petersen sought compact pressure sensors that could be inexpensively fabricated. In other cases, it was just to prove micro-devices could be made. Mech 466, N. Dechev, UVic 6 History of MEMS Technology 1959 - “There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom” - Famous talk by Richard P. Feynman 1967 - Invention of surface micromachining (Nathanson, Resonant Gate Transistor) 1970 - Micromachined silicon pressure sensor demonstrated (Petersen) 1970 - First silicon accelerometer demonstrated (Kulite) 1977 - First capacitive pressure sensor (Stanford) 1984 - First polysilicon MEMS device (Howe, Muller) 1988 - Rotary electrostatic side drive motors (Fan, Tai, Muller)
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MECH466-Lecture-1 - MECH 466 / MECH 580...

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