They then used a virus to fuse cells of the two types

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Unformatted text preview: ced green. They then used a virus to fuse cells of the two types. The hybrid cells initially fluoresced red at one end and green at the other. Within about 50 minutes, the proteins were distributed evenly over the surface. 7.A. See text pp. 347-348. 7.B. Relative to cis fatty acids, trans fatty acids probably would raise the TM for melting of phospholipid bilayers, because they cause less disruption of packing. However, they also have been found to increase the amounts of LDL cholesterol and triacylglycerol in the blood (Mensink & Katan 1990; Judd et al. 1994; Lichtenstein et al. 1999, 2003), and also to cause inflamation of endothelial cells in blood vessels (Mozaffarian 2006). These effects probably increase the risk of atherosclerosis. How trans fatty acids cause these effects is not known. No such effects were seen in some studies in experimental animals (Mitchell et al. 2005). Judd et al. (1994) Am. J. Clin. Nutr. 59: 861-868. Lichtenstein et al. (1999) New Engl. J. Med. 340: 1933-1940. Lichtenstein et al. (2003) Atherosclerosi...
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