To evaluate the results quantitatively youd have to

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Unformatted text preview: ll reaction. To evaluate the results quantitatively, you’d have to know the population of hybrids in the reassembled tetramers. If the mutations do not affect the reassembly, the populations should follow a binomial distrution and could be calculated from the concentrations of the two mutant enzymes in the mixture. The analysis could be tested by changing the ratio of the two proteins. 2. The ACP domain must not bind too tightly to any one of the other domains; it has to be able to interact with it but then dissociate and move on to the next domain. Tight binding to one of the sites would interfere with movement to the next site in the cycle. 3. The citrate transporter in the mitochondrial inner membrane moves a dicarboxylic acid such as malate into the mitochondrial matrix in exchange for the citrate that it moves out. The need for this exchange explains the acceleration of citrate efflux by malate (row 5 of the table). Oxaloacetate cannot replace malate (row 4), and does not interfere with the effect of malate (line 6), indicating that it probably does not bind to t...
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