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Lecture 4 Questions - from one electron carrier to another...

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Lecture 4: 1) Write out the FULL reaction for the biosynthesis of glucose. 2) When light raises a molecule to an excited electronic state, the molecule becomes a stronger oxidant/reductant ? What is an oxidant/reductant ? What is oxidation/reduction ? 3) List some structural similarities and difference between hemes and chlorophylls 4) How does the extension of the pi-system affect the absorption spectrum? 5) How many membranes does a chloroplast have? Identify the space between and on either side of each membrane. 6) Which experiment led to the conclusion that a majority of the chlorophylls do not participate in the electron-transfer reactions of photosynthesis? Briefly describe the results of the experiment. 7) What is a hallmark of integral membrane proteins? 8) What reactions compete with the thermodynamically favorable transfer of electrons
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Unformatted text preview: from one electron carrier to another? 9) Purple bacteria use light to generate a proton gradient, draw a schematic demonstrating this cycle. What is this H+ gradient used for? 10) a) Convert the energy of red light (172 kJ/Einstein) to J/photon b) Convert the energy of a photon of blue light (400 nm) to kJ/Einstein. 11) True/False: Antennae and reaction centers are integral membrane proteins 12) The fact that antennae bacteriochlorophylls are so close together in pigment-protein complexes allows strong interaction of pi orbitals. As a result, excitation of the pigments is localized/delocalized . 13) Why is it advantageous for LHC-II of plants to contain carotenoids in addition to cholophylls?...
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