Lecture 9 Questions KEY - Lecture 9 1 Write the reaction...

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Lecture 9: 1) Write the reaction and enzyme that makes tyrosine from phenylalanine. What is the cofactor required for this reaction? Phenylalanine hydroxylase + O 2  + NADH Tetrahydrobiopterin 2) a) What are the two general mechanisms that inactivate dopamine signaling? Reuptake and chemical degradation b) Write the series of reactions that inactivate dopamine (methylation and oxidation) See notes: steps catalyzed by COMT, monoamine oxidase, and aldehyde  oxidase 3) Write the reaction that is catalyzed by the enzyme that is deficient in people who have phenylketonuria. What molecule does this enzyme use as a cofactor? Phenylalanine Hydroxylase, tetrahydrobiopterin
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4) Draw the structure of phenyllactate (you should be able to do this based on the name without looking at your notes). Under what circumstances is this molecule produced? It is produced in people with PKU. See lecture for structure. . or remember lactate and phenyl. 5) What two types of reactions must occur to convert Phenylalanine and Tryptophan into
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Lecture 9 Questions KEY - Lecture 9 1 Write the reaction...

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