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glycogen_pathway_worksheet_solutions - Amylase Glycogen...

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Glucose G-6-P F-6-P F-1,6bisP G-3-P DHAP glyceraldehyde F-1-P Fructose G-1-P Glycogen (storage) Glycogen (diet) +P i +H 2 O +ATP -ADP +H 2 O -P i +ATP -ADP Transport to other tissues +H 2 O -P i glycolysis Hexokinase (muscle) Glucokinase (liver) Hexokinase (muscle) Glucose 6-phosphatase
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Unformatted text preview: Amylase Glycogen phosphorylase Phosphogluco-mutase fructokinase +ATP-ADP +ATP, -ADP Legend + use- release Green = liver Orange = muscle Blue = both RED = extracellular + ATP-ADP...
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