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glycolysis worksheet - glycolytic enzyme reaction...

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1) Write the net equation for glycolysis. 2) Which reactions (steps) are shared with gluconeogenesis? 3) How can we generate PEP from Pyruvate? Draw a the reaction steps. Where in the cell does this part of gluconeogenesis happen? 4) What happens to pyruvate under anaerobic conditions in muscle cells? What are the products? 5) Why is this important? enzyme general function step #
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Unformatted text preview: glycolytic enzyme reaction byproducts (e.g. ATP ADP) oxidation ? reversible ? kinase Phosphoryl group transfer 1 isomerase Rearrangement (same molecular formula, but different structure) 2 3 aldolase aldol reaction (addition of ketone to aldehyde) 4 5 dehydrogenase Oxidation/reduction by hydride transfer 6 7 mutase shifts functional groups within one molecule 8 9 10...
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