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rebiew sheet week2 - Review Sheet#2 all amino acids have 2...

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Review Sheet #2 all amino acids have: 2 ionizable groups (amino group and carboxylic acid) pI (isoelectric point) = pH at which total number of charges is balanced out (overall charge is neutral) solubility depends on interactions between solute (e.g. protein or AA) and solvent if interaction of solute/solvent is strong: solute is soluble if interaction of solute/solute is strong: solute is less (or in)soluble hydrophobic = low solubility in H 2 O hydrophilic = high solubility in H 2 O amphiphilic = both, different parts have different affinities for water, which enables the formation of highly ordered structures by segregating hydrophobic and hydrophilic components) special features of amino acids: C can form disulfide bonds (usually extracellular) W, Y, F absorb UV light at ~ 280nm P is cyclic (not aromatic) and is often used in turns (note: even though its structure suggests P is nonpolar, it is soluble in H 2 O, which is important since
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