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1 The Americans (Survey) Chapter 3: TELESCOPING THE TIMES The Colonies Come of Age CHAPTER OVERVIEW As British colonies in North America grow, their economies and societies develop sectional differences. After the British push the French out of the region, relations between the colonists and the British become more tense. Section 1: England and Its Colonies MAIN IDEA England and its largely self-governing colonies prospered under a mutually beneficial trade relationship. European nations wanted colonies in the New World so they could pursue an economic system called mercantilism. In this system, England benefited from its North American colonies in two ways. The colonies supplied England with raw materials—lumber, furs, grain, and tobacco. In turn, colonists bought furniture, iron utensils, books, and china made in England. To control colonial trade, the English Parliament passed the Navigation Acts. These laws barred the colonies from sending some goods to other nations. They also required that all colonial trade had to travel on English or colonial ships and first had to pass through English ports. Some colonial merchants continued to smuggle—trade illegally—with other countries. In 1684 the English king tried to force merchants of Massachusetts to obey the laws. When they refused, the king revoked the colony’s charter and appointed a new royal governor, Sir Edmund Andros. Andros angered colonists by outlawing local government and imposing new taxes. Relations improved soon thereafter, when Parliament chose a new king and queen to rule England in 1689. The new English government restored the colony’s charter but passed
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2 tough trade laws. These laws moved smuggling trials to English-controlled courts and created a Board of Trade. The new English government did not enforce these laws aggressively, however. In the new system, royal governors headed each colony. Colonial legislative assemblies
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am_eng_ch3 - The Americans(Survey Chapter 3 TELESCOPING THE...

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