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1 The Americans (Survey) Chapter 6: TELESCOPING THE TIMES Launching the New Nation CHAPTER OVERVIEW As the new government takes hold, the United States sees the growth of political parties. A land purchase doubles the nation’s size, and another war with Britain confirms American independence. Section 1: Washington Heads the New Government MAIN IDEA President Washington transformed the idea of the Constitution into a real government. The Constitution laid the outlines of a new government. President George Washington and the first Congress had to fill in the details. With the Judiciary Act of 1789, they created national courts. The law also declared that state court decisions could be appealed in federal courts if they raised constitutional issues. They created the departments of State, War, and the Treasury. The three department heads and the attorney general became the president’s advisers, or cabinet. Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson and Secretary of Treasury Alexander Hamilton disagreed on the direction the nation should take. Hamilton believed in a strong central government and economic policies that favored commerce and industry. Jefferson preferred greater state power and policies that favored farmers. The North backed Hamilton and the South Jefferson. Hamilton developed an ambitious economic plan. He wanted to establish a national bank, hoping that wealthy people, by investing in the bank, would become firmly committed to helping the new government succeed. He also wanted the federal government to take over state war debts. This angered Southern states, who had paid off most of their debt already.
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2 Hamilton convinced Congress to enact his plan. He won support from Southern lawmakers by proposing that the nation’s capital be moved from New York City to a new site on the Potomac River. Congress created the District of Columbia, and plans for a new capital city were prepared. The disagreements between Hamilton and Jefferson produced two political parties.
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am_eng_ch6 - The Americans(Survey Chapter 6 TELESCOPING THE...

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