L18-barcodes-2009 - Applications of Error Detection &...

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1 Applications of Error Detection & Applications of Error Detection & Correction Codes Correction Codes Trac D. Tran ECE Department The Johns Hopkins University Baltimore, MD 21218 Outline Outline ± Other applications for error detection & error correction codes ² US Postal Service (USPS) bar code for mail delivery ² Universal Product Code (UPC) for products in warehouses & supermarkets ² Codes on airline tickets, FedEx & UPS packages ² Many others: personal checks, American Express Traveler’s checks, credit cards
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2 Bar Codes Bar Codes ± Originally introduced in the early 1970’s ± ID cards for products with binary data encoded as bars ± Applications ² Help grocery stores speed up the check-out process ² Efficiently keep track of inventory in warehouses & stores ² Monitor books and patrons in libraries ² Identify patients in hospitals ± Design issues ² High density of information ² Easily and reliably read by a variety of scanners ² Low-cost printing process ² Low-cost scanning process Modular Arithmetic Modular Arithmetic ± The Modulo- N value of an integer X is denoted as [] R X N = ) mod( N R I N X + = integer quotient remainder ± Modulo- N properties 1 0 ) mod( N X N N I X X N × = ) mod( ± Examples
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L18-barcodes-2009 - Applications of Error Detection &...

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