101e308 - Physics 171il01- Exam 3 Answers April 17', 2008...

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Unformatted text preview: Physics 171il01- Exam 3 Answers April 17', 2008 Prof“ Barnett You may use anything written on the front and back of ONE 3”}: 5” index card“ Everything shouid be written in ink and no “snow paint” should be used Use Sin(37°)=0.6, Cos(37°)m08, igg = 10 m/sz, 1553;; films“ R = (2/5)MR2. Write the foilowiiig two sentences Onto the cover of your blue book and sign it. I agree to complete this exam without ieceiving unauthorized assistance from any pezson or device. I will not reveal the contents of this exam to any unauthorized persons 1‘. A ball, 8;, of unknown mass trawling in the “x” direbtion strikes two other balls each with a mass of 02 kg. The original hall comes to rest. The coliision is compietely elastic. The other two '5: balls move off at angles of" 53" and 37" as shown in the picture" The speed of one ball, .32, is 10 111/ sec after the collision as shown in the picture. Ignore friction and rolling in this problem" A (9 pts) What is the speed of the second final: ball, B3? 75 m/sec ) B) (8 pts) What was the momentum and kinetic energy of the original bail, B}? P m 25 kg Iii/Sec KE = 15.625 .3 C) (8 pts) What was the mass and speed of the original ball, Bl? M m 02 kg, V = 12.5 m/secu 2.. A uniform solid sphere with radiusilil Meters and mass 5 kg is at rest at the top of an inclined plane" The piane makes an angle of 37° to the horizontal and is 5 meters iong. rThe sphere rolls without slipping down the plane until it gets to the bottom“ Irggtmcmwfphere m gzla m/Secfzh A) (10 pts) What is the speed of the sphere, ie. its center of mass, when it gets to the bottom of the piano? V m 6.55 111/330. 13) ( 8 pts) What is the acceleration of the sphere, ie: its center of mass, as it rolls down the plane? a m 4.286 iii/sec2 C) (7 pts) What is the magnitude of the frictional force acting on the Sphere as it rolls down the plane? Flew-mm = 8 57’ N TURN PAGE OVER 3,, A uniform, cubical block is suspended from a scaies above a vat of fluid, The block is slowly lowered into the fluid, The reading of the scaies, in kilograms, is shown in the figure versus the distance the block is lowered. Scale reading (kg) A) (7 pts) What is the iength of a side of the block? 15 cm B) (8 pts) What is the density of the block? 2.67 x 103 kg/m3 C) (10 pts) What is the density of the fluid? L04 X 103 icg/rn3 4" A square wire, with an edge length of 1 mm, is 2.5 meters long. It has a. density of 4 grams/cm? A 100 kg mass hangs on the wire For uniformity, let’s all set X = 0 meters to be the piece where the wire connects to the ceiiing and X z 2.5 meters to be the location of the 100 kg mass. , ‘100 kg‘ A) (9 pts) If a wave pulse travels on this wire, what is the speed, is phase veiocity, of the wave pulse? 500 m/sec B) (4 pts) If a standing wave is eStablished on the wire representing the first over tone (second harmonic), what is the wavelength of the wave? 2.5 meters C) (4 pts) For this second harmonic standing wave, what is the frequency of the vibration? 200 Hertz D) (8 pts) Write the formula for this second harmonic standing wave if the maximum dis- placement of the wire is 1 ram and the displacement is“zero" , i..e, Y‘(X, t m G) = O, for ail parts (ail values of X) of the wire at t20, mm) m 1.0_sin(3§—§<)sin(§~,%g) mm, . 7 Here “X” is in meters and “t” is in seconds; The “Y” displacement is in millimeters, ...
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101e308 - Physics 171il01- Exam 3 Answers April 17', 2008...

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