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Unformatted text preview: ______ Straight Bevel Gear For strength analysis, the parameters of bevel gear are referred to the corresponding parameters at the larger end (or outside end) of bevel gears. For example, pitch diameter and module o f a straight bevel gear are referred to the pitch diameter and module at the larger end o f the gear. o Bend ing st ress: K K 1000W t K A K v Y K H b W t x s F = for SI units, and s F = Pd K o K v s m for Imperial, where FW m Y Y FW K x J b J FW is the face width [=min(0.3A0, 10m), A0 is cone distance and m is module at larger end]; Pd is diametral pitch; Wt is transmitted load Transmitte power d 2 × (Transmitte torque d ) = = ; Pitch line velocity at l arg er end pitch diameter at l arg er end KA (Ko), applicat ion factor or overload factor, accounting for any externally applied load in excess of the nominal transmitted load (see Table 15­2, Budynas); Kv, dynamic factor, accounting for the effect of gear­tooth qualit y related to speed and load. Qualit y index number (transmissio n...
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