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Designfactorsmostcommonlywill bedifferentfro

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Unformatted text preview: for pitting resistance, use Eq. 15­21 (Budynas) to determine the value. ZI (I), geometry factor for pitting resistance, use Fig. 15­6 (Budynas) to determine the value. Zx (Cs), size factor for pitting resistance, use Eq. 15­9 (Budynas) to determine the value. Zxc (Cxc), crowning factor for pitting. The teeth of most bevel gears are crowned in lengthwise direct ion during manufacturing in order to accommodate the deflect ion of the mount ings. Use Eq. 15­13 to determine the value. 9 MECH323 – 2007 GEARS____________________________ The rest factors are the same as the corresponding factors for bending stress calculat ion. AGMA provides gear strength based on its specific testing condit ions: 99% reliabilit y, 10 millio n o cycles, and temperature no higher than 120 C. However, in a real scenario, the work condit ion will be different fro m AGMA...
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