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Unformatted text preview: P G pinio n and gear. Subscripts “p” (or “P”) and “g”, (or “G”) refer to pinion and gear respectively. o abo ve applies t o any type o f gear set n P d G o fo r spur, helical and bevel gear s, abo ve equat io n can be in ano t her fo rm: , where, d P , d G = n d P G are pitch diameters of pinio n and gear. o abso lut e value sig n allo ws freedo m in cho o sing posit ive o r negat ive d ir ect io ns o Convention: fo r spur and parallel helical gears, d ir ect io ns correspo nd to rig ht hand ru le and are posit ive for CCW rotation. product of driving tooth numbers o Train value e = , the speeds of first and last gears product of driven tooth numbers ( , n ) in a train is related by n L F n L = en F , 6 MECH323 – 2007 o Fo r planetar y t rains: e GEARS____________________________ = n - n A L , where n A is the rotation speed of the arm, in rpm. n - n A F FORCE ANALYSIS OF GEARS Spur Gears: the force between meshing teeth can be deco mposed to two components: tangent ial a...
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