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F interference o prevent srot at io no ft he mat

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Unformatted text preview: pressure line o Last po int o f cont act is between meshing gears o ccurs where addendu m circle o f t he dr iving gear crosses the pressure line o Ang le o f appro ach is t he ang le between line o f cent ers and a line drawn between fir st po int o f contact and gear center o Ang le o f recess is similar t o t he ang le o f appro ach using t he last po int o f cont act o Ang le o f act io n is t he sum o f ang le o f appro ach and ang le o f recess o Rack­ a gear wit h an infinit ely large p it ch cir cle o in fin it e nu mber o f t eet h, base c ir cle is infin it e d ist ance away fro m t he p it ch po int o invo lut e t eet h o n a rack have straig ht sid es which make an ang le to t he line o f cent ers equal to the pressure angle o Base cir cle is a c ircle insid e t he p it ch circle t angent to t he pressure line wit h radius o f INTERFERENCE o Prevent s rot at io n o f t he mat ing gears o Occurs when eit her o f addendu m circles ext end s beyo nd int er ferences po int t he range between first and last contact points o Maximu m po ssible add endu m circle radiu s wit ho ut int er ference ra (max) = rb2 + c 2...
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