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CAE.F09 - (corresponding to the listing and identified in...

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ME365 CLUTCH DESIGN Fall 2009 Write a computer program for a preliminary design of a multiple-disk clutch. The inputs include the all transmitted power ( HP ) and RPM , safety factor ( FS ), disk external diameter limit ( Do ), disk min all minimum internal diameter requirement ( Di ), maximum allowable actuating force ( F ); and the all all all properties of the friction material ( f , P , V , PV ). The design must use the material to capacity with the minimum number of disks possible. The output should include the number of contact pairs { N }, the inside and outside diameters { Di and Do } and the minimum required actuating force { F }. You have to submit a text printout of the program listing, a detailed flowchart with all the equations
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Unformatted text preview: (corresponding to the listing and identified in it), and printouts of at least 6 different example runs. The examples must include (and identify) high and low RPM clutches, large and small power all requirements and high and low PV ratings. The program must be suitable for both metric and US unit systems (namely, consistent units). The printouts must include the input data and output results. The program may be written using a text-based programming language of your choice. If you are not sure, please ask. Save your program. You may be asked to run the program with me. Due date: Friday, 4 Dec., 2009, 10:30 a.m....
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