Lecture 19 - /10/09 Jacques-Louis David(1748-1825...

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Lecture 19 11/10/09 Jacques-Louis David (1748-1825) “Coronation of Napoleon I as Emperor of France” (1806-07) “Distribution of the Eagle Standards” (1808-1810) Painter of the Academy. Roman motif. Political propaganda. Vertical and horizontal lines organize the space. Grand scale, great details, and emphasis on reality and Roman values. David was born in a very revolutionary era. Democratic ideals shown in Neoclassical art reflect the influence of the early post-French Revolution period. As a young man, David began as a Republican, he went to work for the government in 1792, and was the first director of the Academy for painters in France. Neoclassicism was popular roughly between 1750-1800. Neoclassicism is a pan-European phonemenon. David is moving from Neoclassicism toward Romanticism which emphasizes color in the later stage of his career. Caravaggio had a great influence on the paintings of David, similar to tennibrism. His shadows reflect the idea of Enlightened individuals vs. others.
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Lecture 19 - /10/09 Jacques-Louis David(1748-1825...

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