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Chapter 4—Forecasting and mitigating earthquakes Methods of forecasting EQs First establish pattern of movement on fault Then look for seismic gaps or EQ migration Minimizing EQ damage Structural design: diagonal supports, reinforced steel bracing, foundation bolts, adequate building spacing, no weak floors, wooden/steel frames, base isolation Land use planning EQ preparedness Chapter 5 -- Tsunami Mechanisms that generate tsunami Tsunami characteristics onshore Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Land use planning Warning systems Surviving a tsunami Future Giant Tsunami—where can we expect them? Cause of the 2004 Sumatra tsunami Chapter 6 – Magma and Volcanism Generation of magmas (increase T, lower P, add water to mantle) Key properties of magma that control the style/magnitude of eruption (the three V’s) Controls and classes of magma/lava chemical composition (basalt, andesite, rhyolite)
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Unformatted text preview: Plate Tectonic Settings of Volcanism (spreading centers, subduction zones, hot spots) Volcanic eruption products (lava, pyroclastic materials) Volcanic landforms (cinder cones, shield volcanoes,stratovolcanoes,lava domes, calderas) Chapter 7 – Volcanic Hazards and Mitigation Volcanic Hazards – Pyroclastic flows and surges – Volcanic mudflows (lahars) – Ash and pumice falls – Poisonous gases – Lava flows Volcanic precursor events (eruption warnings) and monitoring these events Mitigation of damage from lava flows Populations at Risk – American Pacific Northwest (the Cascade Range) – Yellowstone hot spot Chapter 8 – Landslides Factors that contribute to a slope’s ability to resist sliding – Slope angle – Load – Strength of material o Rock Strength o Soil cohesion and the effect of water on soil cohesion Causes of landslides Engineering solutions to help prevent landslides...
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