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Exam 3 Study Guide, GEO 107 Natural Hazards Chapter 17 – Impacts and Mass Extinctions Asteroids and Comets – where do they come from Evidence of impacts in the geologic record – iridium, etc. Effects of impacts on Earth Tracking bolides Chapter 10 – Climate and weather principles Milankovitch cycles variations in the shape of Earth’s orbit and the direction/angle of Earth’s spin axis control the onset and end of ―ice ages‖ (glacial periods) presently we are in an interglacial period Surface reflectivity The greenhouse effect – greenhouse gases in atmosphere transmit incoming short wavelength radiation and absorb outgoing long-wavelength radiation How ancient temperatures are measured Weather principles Atmospheric layers—troposphere characteristics only Horizontal and vertical air movement Fronts Chapter 14 -- Hurricanes Hurricane intensity scale (know that it is based on wind speeds)
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Unformatted text preview: Where hurricanes originate How hurricanes work Conditions necessary for hurricane formation Hurricane damage Hurricane Katrina Chapter 15 – Thunderstorms and Tornadoes How Thunderstorms Work Severe Thunderstorms How Tornadoes Develop How do tornadoes differ from hurricanes? Tornado damages and safety Other hazards related to thunderstorms: Lightning and Hail – know how they work Chapters 11 and 12—Flood processes Stream characteristics Discharge Load Channel pattern – meandering and braided streams and their characteristics Gradient How rivers and streams work Causes of floods Flash floods – what causes them and where do they tend to occur Flood frequency, recurrence interval and probability Development Effects on Floodplains • Urbanization • Deforestation from fires, logging, overgrazing • Mining Levees and their effects on flooding example: New Orleans and the Mississippi Reducing flood damage...
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