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Exam 3 Study Guide, GEO 107 Natural Hazards Chapter 17 – Impacts and Mass Extinctions Asteroids and Comets – where do they come from Evidence of impacts in the geologic record – iridium, etc. Effects of impacts on Earth Tracking bolides Chapter 10 – Climate and weather principles Milankovitch cycles variations in the shape of Earth’s orbit and the direction/angle of Earth’s spin axis control the onset and end of ―ice ages‖ (glacial periods) presently we are in an interglacial period Surface reflectivity The greenhouse effect – greenhouse gases in atmosphere transmit incoming short wavelength radiation and absorb outgoing long-wavelength radiation How ancient temperatures are measured Weather principles Atmospheric layers—troposphere characteristics only Horizontal and vertical air movement Fronts Chapter 14 -- Hurricanes Hurricane intensity scale (know that it is based on wind speeds)
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Unformatted text preview: Where hurricanes originate How hurricanes work Conditions necessary for hurricane formation Hurricane damage Hurricane Katrina Chapter 15 Thunderstorms and Tornadoes How Thunderstorms Work Severe Thunderstorms How Tornadoes Develop How do tornadoes differ from hurricanes? Tornado damages and safety Other hazards related to thunderstorms: Lightning and Hail know how they work Chapters 11 and 12Flood processes Stream characteristics Discharge Load Channel pattern meandering and braided streams and their characteristics Gradient How rivers and streams work Causes of floods Flash floods what causes them and where do they tend to occur Flood frequency, recurrence interval and probability Development Effects on Floodplains Urbanization Deforestation from fires, logging, overgrazing Mining Levees and their effects on flooding example: New Orleans and the Mississippi Reducing flood damage...
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