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Nuclear power Events of accident at Chernobyl, 1986 Radioactive waste repositories: low-level, WIPP, Yucca Mountain (advantages, disadvantages, history) Comparison of safety and pollutants from coal, oil, natural gas, uranium Climate change Development of models from weather-prediction to climate analysis (GCMs) Climate history: O 18 ratios from organisms’ shells give temperature for last 540 million years Earth’s current climate on different time scales Millions of years: cold, Pleistocene Ice Age Last million years: 100,000 year cycles of glacial periods, interglacials Thousands of years: current interglacial Centuries: dramatic temperature increase of last century (with mid-20 th century blip) Correlation between CO 2 levels and temperature for last million years CO 2 levels: typical interglacial, c. 1850, present Atmospheric interactions with biosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere Definitions: greenhouse effect, greenhouse gas examples and relative importance Forcing variables considered in GCMs: characteristics, influence and importance
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Unformatted text preview: Potential effects of climate change: temperature increase, change in climate patterns, ice melting, sea level rise, effects to biosphere Possible ways to reduce impact of global warming Renewable Energy Sources Definitions and examples for three types of solar energy Characteristics, advantages, disadvantages of hydropower Alternative types of hydropower: run of the river dams, tidal, ocean currents Characteristics, advantages, disadvantages of wind power Characteristics, advantages, disadvantages of biomass, methane gas, bio-diesel, ethanol (from corn or from sugar cane) Characteristics, advantages, disadvantages of geothermal electricity, geothermal heating, OTEC Definitions: conservation, efficiency, cogeneration, hard path, soft path, 450 scenario Relationship between oil prices and global recessions Current developments: Copenhagen conference, EPA announcement...
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